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Offerings for businesses

energySMART offers rebates and assessments to current Nicor Gas business customers on all rate classes. Use the resources below to help your customers save energy and money in their business.

Rebates for businesses

Rebates are available to your customers for energy-efficiency products in their business or multi-family property. There are two ways for your customers to receive their rebate:

1. A contractor installs products that qualify for rebates and the customer completes and submits the application. 

2. A Contractor Circle installing member installs the equipment and provides the rebate to the customer as an instant discount off the final invoice. The contractor submits the instant discount application and energySMART sends the rebate directly to the contractor. Only Contractor Circle members are eligible to offer instant discounts. 

    Assessments for businesses 

    energySMART provides free energy assessments to businesses of all sizes, including multi-fmaily properties. Assessments are performed by energySMART Energy Advisors or Certified Engineers and include a walk-through of the property and may include the direct installation of free energy-saving products.

    How trade allies can participate:

    Ask your commercial customers to schedule a free energy assessment. After the assessment, the customer receives a detailed report with recommended short- and long-term energy-saving projects for trade allies to complete. If the customer approves releasing the report, you will receive a copy to help your customer move forward with recommended projects. 


    Help your customers schedule an assessment:


    Customer eligibility 


    Multi-family assessments   

    Buildings with permanent or semi-permanent residential tenants AND is an apartment/condominium, assisted living facility or retirement community, consisting of five units or more.

    Call 855.801.5804

    Small business assessments

    Businesses consuming less than 60,000 therms annually, are independently owned/operated by an individual, or are a non-profit or religious organization. Franchisees owning more than 10 franchise locations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for small business eligibility.Call 855.801.5805

    Business assessments

    Businesses consuming less than 100,000 therms annually.Call 877.866.4239

    Opportunity assessments 

    Businesses consuming more than 150,000 therms annually may be eligible for this ASHRAE Level 1-type assessment.Call 312.344.1569 

    Facility assessments 

    Businesses consuming more than 500,000 therms annually may be eligible for the ASHRAE Level 2-type assessment.Call 312.344.1569 


    Custom incentives for businesses

      Your business customers may be eligible for custom incentives up to $500,000 if the project does not qualify for a standard rebate from energySMART. Call 312.344.1569 or email us to learn more about custom incentives and projects.

      New construction for businesses

      The New Construction Service Team is ready to support your project’s goals, while offering the opportunity to explore energy-saving ideas and strategies. Offered in coordination with ComEd, our service also provides financial incentives and technical assistance to encourage design teams and building owners to surpass standard practices and exceed energy code requirements.


      The service is available to commercial and industrial customers planning a new building or renovation of at least 20,000 square feet and to multifamily projects of at least 100,000 square feet. To qualify, projects must be located in the Nicor Gas and ComEd service territory and must be early in the design process.

      For more information contact us at

      How engineering and design firms can participate

      Engineering and design firms coordinating projects on the owner's behalf can receive incentives for participating in the program. Project applications must be submitted early in the design process.