Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to the most common questions about participating in energySMART. Click on the question below to see the answer.

Q: How often do the rebate amounts and program requirements change?
The energySMART offerings are update every year on June 1.  Make sure to join our email list in order to get the most updated program information throughout the year. Watch this webinar to learn more about what is new starting June 1, 2016 by watching this webinar.
Q: How can I offer instant discounts to my customers?

Instant discounts can only be offered by Contractor Circle members.  Membership information is located on the trade ally home page. If you are a Contractor Circle member and installed qualifying equipment please follow these steps:

Provide your customer with an invoice including the following information: 

o   Your business information

o   Installation date

o   Product manufacturer and model number

o   Total cost of installation

o   Payment terms (balance due of zero, financing terms or paid-in-full stamp)

o   The full and correct rebate amount deducted from the total purchase price as a separate line item. The instant discount must clearly be labeled as a Nicor Gas or energySMART rebate.

o   Customer's signature on the invoice, indicating he or she received the rebate as an instant discount and is releasing payment of the rebate to the installing contractor 


Submit your application with the customer-signed invoice online or by mail.


After receipt of a complete and eligible application, you will receive your rebate payment within approximately six to eight weeks.


Q: Are Complete System Replacement rebates still available for furnace and central air conditioner combinations?

Nicor Gas and ComEd offer rebates for qualifying high-efficiency furnaces and central air conditioners, but these rebates are no longer linked. Customers can receive a rebate of $175-250 for a qualifying high-efficiency furnace from energySMART. A separate application is now required for the ComEd AC rebate. Visit for complete AC requirements and to apply for the central air conditioner rebate from ComEd. 

Q: Are Value Package rebates still available for the installation of a furnace and central air conditioner combination, storage water heater, programmable thermostat and pipe insulation?

The previously offered Value Package rebates are no longer available. Nicor Gas now offers a home and water heating package rebate for the installation of a qualifying high-efficiency furnace with an AFUE of 95% or greater, a natural gas storage water heater with an Energy Factor of 0.67 or greater and a programmable thermostat. All three must be installed at the same time to qualify for this rebate. See more details here.

Q: What is energySMART?

energySMART is the Nicor Gas energy efficiency program which offers rebates, assessments, free products and energy efficiency loans to all Nicor Gas customers.  These offerings help them save energy and money by increasing the efficiency of their properties and/or gas fired equipment through energy saving projects. Learn more about what's new this program year by watching this webinar.

Q: What is a Program Year (sometimes listed as PY)?

energySMART operates on a program year which runs from June 1 of each year to May 31 of the following year. energySMART is in its fifth program year which runs from June 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016.

Q: What is the Contractor Circle network and who are its members?

Contractor Circle is energySMART’s trade ally network and offers two types of memberships to trades involved with energySMART. Learn more and apply

Q: Who can offer instant discounts and how are they submitted?

Instant discounts can only be offered by Contractor Circle installing members. Membership information is located on the trade ally home page and the instant discount application process is outlined in this fact sheet

Q: How do I sign up for the trade ally newsletter?

Please email Sean Maher at with your company name, address, phone number and email address to be added to the newsletter distribution list.

Q: Where can I access program materials?

All program materials are available here. Materials available only to Contractor Circle members are available after logging into the Contractor Circle portal with program supplied credentials.

Q: Are there any upcoming program events?

All program events are listed on the calendar located here.

Q: I can’t find last month’s newsletter, is it available on the web site?

Previous newsletters can be found here. The newsletters are our primary means of communicating program updates and changes so be sure to look at past issues if you missed them.

Q: How can trade allies and contractors participate in energySMART?

energySMART, offers a variety of ways for trade allies to help homeowners and businesses save energy and money. Take a look at this brochure to understand how you can participate in the different energySMART offerings.

Q: How can I offer On Bill Financing to my customers?

Only Contractor Circle member can offer. Click here to apply for Contractor Circle.

Q: What is the new tax code compliance for PY6?

Click here for details.